Brain Games - What does Brain Intergration have to do with great driving?

Look at the spinning woman.
Is she spinning clock-wise or counter clock-wise?

If she’s spinning counter clock-wise, you’re “left-brained”
Left Brain Functions: Logic, Details, Facts, Words and Language, Math and Science, Practicalities

If she’s spinning clock-wise, you’re “right-brained”
Right Brain Functions: Uses Feeling, "Big Picture", Imagination, Philosophy, Risk Taking, Spacial Perception

Some people are able to see her spinning in one direction, and then use the other side of their brain to see her spin the opposite direction.  Can you see both?

Spinning Woman

The SWERVE Curriculum is built on performance. Research has show that humans perform best when both sides of the brain are engaged. We give our students tools and tricks to engage both sides of their brain so that can maximize their performance and be more likely to perform better, respond quicker and be a whole lot safer behind the wheel.

Brain Game quiz 1
The Spinning Woman

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