The Drive Fit Program


What is it?

  • The Drive Fit Program is a one-day, 3-hour behind the wheel program on a closed course.
  • The course is offered on selected Saturdays and Sundays from 8AM-11AM, 11:45AM-2:45PM or 2:45PM-5:45PM
  • Drivers use their own vehicles so they can learn how the vehicle they drive most often responds under emergency braking and quick steering maneuvers while also demonstrating the dangers of distracted driving such as texting.

Who it’s for?

  • Any driver who wants to refine their collision avoidance skills.
  • Perfect for new drivers to help them learn collision avoidance skills quickly, and get a an evaluation on their skill level and what their vehicle can and can't do.
  • "Nervous Drivers" who want more confidence behind the wheel.
  • New car owners who want to get a feel for how their car will handle in emergency situations.

Why Take it?

  • To gain valuable Collision Avoidance skills that will decrease your chance of having a collision.
  • To take advantage of the
    Worry Free Guarantee*
  • To lower your insurance rates (Each insurance company is different. Ask your agent if our Collision Avoidance Training would apply.)
Drive Fit, our collision avoidance course, provides additional training for students. This supplemental hands-on course helps students become safe drivers.

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