Driving Tips Collection

At SWERVE Driving School, we take drivers education seriously. Our goal is to make everyone a better driver, from teens just learning how to drive through seasoned adult drivers. Driving is a life skill, meaning that there is always room to improve your driving skills. The tips in our collection are grouped into three categories:

Driving Tips For Great Driving


Regardless of age or experience, there is always an opportunity to become a better, safer driver. Even after graduating drivers ed, it is good practice to use these tips to refresh your skills.

Driving Tips For Adverse Weather Driving


When the weather turns bad, driving becomes much more difficult. And along with the difficulty the risks of a crash rise sharply. It is a good idea to read these tips periodically, especially when the weather is about to change.

Driving Tips For Coaching A New Driver


Now that your teen has received their permit and ready to learn how to drive, its time to begin the learning to drive process. And the best way to help your teen drive safely is to be a “driving coach”. This is not an easy task and the tips in this section are meant to provide some of the fundamentals for driver coaching.

Driving tips from SWERVE Driving School. Since 2005 SWERVE has provided Washingtons best driver training and driver education programs.