How to Go Up a Snow-Covered Hill

by SWERVE Driving School

Before just blindly attacking a snow covered hill, think about whether you can make it up or down safely.

  • Often, that means waiting until the road is clear of other vehicles before attempting it yourself. Too many drivers attack hills while there are other vehicles stuck or spun sideways on it, only to have to stop or slow to let them get out of the way - and getting stuck themselves. It would be much better to wait until the hill is clear, and then drive it all in one shot.
  • When driving up a hill, or trying to get out of deep snow, try using as high a gear as possible. In an automatic, use Drive or Overdrive. In a standard transmission vehicle, use one gear higher than you normally would - try starting in second and then use third or fourth when climbing a hill.
  • Watch your speed in snowy conditions, especially when coming off a clear major roadway onto a snowy side road. The quick change in conditions can really take you by surprise.

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