Test Yielding Knowledge

by SWERVE Driving School

It's no fun to realize your son or daughter doesn't understand a yielding situation mid-intersection with traffic coming at you. Yielding mistakes can be very costly, so being overly thorough in this department is a good idea. Yielding is not something you can get right 95% of the time. A 95% success rate of yielding means that 5% of the time, there is a very real chance of a crash. Shoot for 100% correct yielding from the beginning.

  • Use every yielding opportunity you can to make sure your teen understands the yielding rules and is following them.
  • Common yielding errors have to do with oncoming traffic at un-protected left turns (no green arrow), turning right on red, uncontrolled intersections, all-way stops, and crosswalks.
  • Point these situations out and make sure that everybody is on the same page about what could happen and who is supposed to do what.
  • Use the Question Asking technique. Ask “Who do you need to yield to?” and “Who else do you need to yield to?”

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