Winter Reality Check - Tune-up For Winter Driving

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* We've changed the name to Drive Fit, but we've kept the same great educational experience. 
The upcoming winter in the Seattle area is billed to be a real winter - with cold weather and lots of snow. It will be great to have a white holiday season and the skiers will delight. However, winter sends a cold chill down the spines of most drivers. SWERVE Driving School, in conjunction with the AAA, has put together a program called the Winter Reality Check, which is a tune-up for winter driving. Anyone can benefit from attending the Winter Reality Check from novice drivers to those who are very experienced.
SWERVE held the first event this weekend with a group of anxious drivers. Most not only learned a lot about handling their car in winter road conditions, but also had a good time as well. Under these controlled circumstances, its actually a fun challenge to test your driving ability in these types of conditions. Most people find out that they benefit greatly from this type of training. Additionally, it helps take the nervousness out of that first drive in the snow.
For more information, please visit the Winter Reality Check on the SWERVE Driving School web site.
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SWERVE Driving School, in conjunction wtih the AAA, puts on a Drive Fit event to get drivers up to speed for the upcoming winter season.